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St. Therese Cord Mission Kit, makes 50 rosaries

This Kit contains all the materials to make 50 Cord Rosaries. Finished rosaries can be sent to: The Family Rosary, Attn: Mission Rosary Donations, 518 Washington St., North Easton, MA 02356. They distribute them around the world to needy children, families and missionaries who have requested them. Extra rosaries can also be donated to the missions, nursing homes, or shut-ins.

St. Therese Cord Mission KitFOR #84-1/2R ST. THERESA MISSION ROSARY Cut off a piece of Cord about thirty inches long. Tie a firm knot in one end. Dip the other end (which for ease in threading should be cut diagonally), in clear nail polish and let dry for a minute or two to form a “needle”. Thread the Cord through one of the upper holes of the Centerpiece, from back to front so that the knot will be on the backside of the Center. Pull the Cord through and be sure that the knot will hold. Now start making the Decades; first, a spacer, then ten beads, a spacer, a bead (Our Father), a spacer, ten beads, and so on until you have the necessary five Decades. Then add a spacer. Hold the Cord up by the needle end and let it swing freely until all tendency to twist is gone. Then thread the Cord from front to back through the other upper hole in the centerpiece. Leave a little slack in the Cord so that the beads will slide freely (a quarter to a half inch is ample), and tie a knot in the end. Be sure the knot is strong enough to remain tied and cut the Cord a short distance beyond it. Tie another knot, thread through the lower hole in the Center, pull tight, thread a spacer, a bead, a spacer, three beads, a spacer, a bead and a spacer. Thread through the top of the Crucifix, tie a knot in back (allowing a little play), and cut. Your Rosary is complete. As an added precaution, you can put a drop of the nail polish on each of the knots. This will prevent their ever coming untied.

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Posted on January 11, 2014 at 8:12 pm